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Summer Rental Property Maintenance Tips for Northern Virginia Landlords

Summer is here, and Northern Virginia landlords need to ensure their rental properties are well-maintained to provide a comfortable living experience for tenants during this season. From summer storms to intense heat, the summer months present unique challenges for property maintenance.


Fortunately, it’s simple to stay ahead of potential issues and keep your rental property in excellent shape. Here are a few essential summer rental property maintenance tips for Northern Virginia landlords to protect their investment and maintain high tenant satisfaction.


Check Your Property’s HVAC System


If you’re local to the area, you know summers in Northern Virginia can get hot, with temps near or over 100 degrees on some days. This means your rental property’s air conditioning system will need to work properly to prevent emergencies and keep your tenants cool.


Before summer arrives, landlords should schedule a professional HVAC inspection and service to ensure the system is functioning optimally. Regular maintenance, including filter changes and cleaning, will improve air quality, optimize performance, and prevent sudden breakdowns.


Ensure Roofing and Siding Is in Good Condition


Your property’s exterior needs to be in good condition to prevent damage from summer storms that can bring high winds, torrential rain, and hail. This means your building’s roof, gutters, and siding need to be ready for inclement weather.


Have a professional inspect your property’s exterior for any signs of damage or wear and perform any necessary maintenance. It’s always more cost-effective to schedule service now to prevent damage than to deal with a roofing or siding emergency during a bad storm.


Have a Checklist for Tenants to Prepare for Summer Storms


Speaking of inclement weather, keep a checklist at the property and send your tenants a virtual copy to prepare for inclement weather.


The items on this list may include bringing outside furniture in, charging devices in case of a power outage, and knowing where the shut-off for gas, electrical, and water are in case of an emergency.


Remind your tenants to promptly report any issues so you can schedule repairs to protect your property and keep your renters safe.


Keep Up With Landscaping 


If you, as the landlord, are responsible for taking care of the lawn at your rental properties, it’s essential to keep up with landscaping in the summer.


Trimming trees will help prevent branches from causing damage during storms, and mowing the grass will help reduce pests and enhance curb appeal.


Should your tenants be responsible for keeping up with the lawn, send reminders to encourage them to keep the grass mowed, trees trimmed, and weeds pulled.


Be Proactive About Pest Control 


Pest activity increases in the summer, so staying on top of pest control is crucial. Being proactive about pests can help you reduce the risk of rodents, roaches, and even raccoons or possums at your investment property, as well as reduce the need for chemical spraying.


Encourage tenants to properly dispose of food waste and trash to discourage pests. Inspecting the property regularly can also help you identify signs of infestation early, preventing costly damage and keeping your tenants comfortable, so be sure to include inspections as part of your maintenance routine.


Manage Your Investment Property With PROMAX


A well-maintained property can lead to happy tenants and long-term success in the rental market throughout all seasons. Considering hiring a property manager to keep on top of summer maintenance tasks so you have more time on your hands? Manage your Northern Virginia investment property with PROMAX Management—contact us today!


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